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Curtis Botanical Magazine Small

PLEASE CONTACT US VIA EMAIL PRIOR TO ORDERING ONLINE.  Occasionally, we sell these images at Shows and want to verify that they are still available.  We are sorry for any inconvenience.

The Botanical Magazine was started by William Curtis in 1787. This publication was a monthly magazine that was mailed to subscribers. Each paper covered booklet would contain a few of these hand colored prints with information on the plant species illustrated. After years of collecting many of these magazines were bound into books. The series ran for around 160 years with over 5000 plates. The magazine ran for such a long time that as it went on the printing style changed. Earlier prints are hand colored copper plate engravings and the later prints are hand colored lithographs all with original water color. We have over 60 volumes with 4000 prints which we pulled some of the best for this collection which I am calling Curtis Botanical Magazine Small (CBMS) as there is another series of double folds that are twice the size. Print sizes vary by up to a quarter of an inch due to how they were bound. This will not be a problem when framing them as a set and remember we also do custom framing.

Size: 9.375 by 6 inches.