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Indians of McKenney & Hall

McKenney and Hall Indians are the most well know Native American illustrations to ever be produced.  Thomas McKenney worked as the Superintendent of the United States War Department for more than 15 years.  During this time, he worked with the Indian Chiefs from around the Nation to form peace treaties and alliances.  Many of these treaties were broken by the US but it is said that he fully believed that all the treaties they worked on would be honored.
When the Chiefs made the trek to Washington, Charles Bird King would paint their portraits and hang them in the halls of the war department. McKenney wished to produce a publication of the images with text about each tribe.  With the help of a prominent artist by the name of Henry Inman, he was able to make copies of all the paintings.  We are all very fortunate that he did this, as the originals were destroyed when there was a great fire in the Smithsonian.
Each painting was drawn on stone by Edward Biddle in a process called Stone Lithography.  They were printed without color and then individually colored by hand with watercolor.  These techniques together made for very realistic, vibrant, beautifully colored portraits.  James Hall wrote all of the historical text for the three volumes.  We have reproduced 81 of the 120 prints from this series in Giclée format.  All Giclée prints are on Somerset Velvet acid free cotton rag paper with archival inks that will last over 140 years.  These are the highest quality reproductions on the market and I have yet to see a reproduction set at this quality.

 Print Size:  11.5 inches tall and 8 inches wide.

Print to size is available upon request.
Made in the United States of America.