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Rudbeck Birds

Olof Rudbeck the Younger or Olaus Rudbeckius junior was born 1660 and lived until 1740.  Rudbeck was the professor of medicine at Uppsala University.  In 1695 he traveled to Lapland to join an expedition commissioned by the King.  As his father before him he was a student of nature and illustrated that which he saw.  The illustrations he made on this trip are what see you below.  Many of these prints were reproduced in the 1980s in limited number. 

"NEWS UPDATE - 11/16":   WE ARE NOW ABLE TO PRODUCE GICLEE REPRODUCTIONS OF THE COMPLETE SERIES - See Heading -- "CFA Editon of Rudbeck".  We have edited all of the larger images and the Smalls are a work in progress.  ****Sizes of the "CFA Edition" can be modified to your specific needs****   Please email us with any questions.