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Rudbeck Small Prints

WE ARE NOW ABLE TO REPRODUCE THESE IMAGES UNDER "CFA Edition of RUDBECK" (11/16) as Giclee Prints.  We will carry the 1986/88 series until they are no longer available.  Please email with any questions.

Olof Rudbeck's Fogelboken or book of birds.  This is a series that was printed in 1985 and limited to 4000 sets.  The prints are reproductions of Swedish Birds that were originally water colored around 1720 by Olof Rudbeck.  Each print is on a heavy stock paper and measures 11 x 17.25.  This is not part of our Giclee series.  Check out our advance search by typing the name of the bird series -- ie ("Anas" for Duck or "Picus" for Woodpecker) in the search box to see each series type together.  Please note that the "Songbirds" -- PLATES 56 through 99 are toward the end of the series.  Several of the smaller bird plates have two (or more) images on them. You may want to type in the specific name [ie. "Loxia" in the "search" box and it will bring up Plates 96; 98; 99; 100; 102 (4 of these have double images on the plate -- 3 in this species name will be at the end -  the other 2 will be at the beginning)]  Also - FYI - The "smudges" are from the original prints. It is our understanding, that when these images were reproduced in the 1980's, nothing was cleaned up, so you will see the artist's fingerprints, etc. from the original prints.  (UPDATED 8/14/17)