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Rudbeck's Large Swedish Birds

Rudbeck's Large Swedish Birds Portfolio - Updated 1/11/2017.   We are proud to offer the Watercolors of "Olof Rudbeck" as presented in precise facsimile in the Rene Cockelbergh Limited Edition Portfolio published in 1986. This set of Rudbeck Birds, published in a portfolio of which only 1499 were issued, were printed to the life size of the bird in a large elephant-folio. These prints are from the original numbered Swedish 1st edition (and 2nd edition 1988). The sizes will vary greatly -- Click on each Individual Print for the size. Please note that some of the larger Prints were printed and folded, but this does not distract from the beauty of the Print when it is framed. Also any "marks" or "smudges" are from the original prints. It is our understanding, that when these images were reproduced in the 1980's, nothing was cleaned up, so you will see the artist's fingerprints, etc. from the original prints. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR INFORMATION ON ANY FRAMED IMAGES OF RUDBECK BIRD PRINTS THAT WE NOW HAVE IN STOCK.